August 24, 2019

Tweedsmuir time capsule?

A photo of the original Tweedsmuir school was posted to the A Bit of the Bay Facebook Group recently, informing members of a Sept. 25 open house at the recently developed business centre.

Do you know anything about a time capsule being buried on the Tweedsmuir public school property decades ago? 

The new owners of the facility, which has redesigned it as a co-working location for several dozen businesses, is holding a Community Open House Wednesday, Sept. 25 4 to 7 p.m. with the theme, "Celebrating the past, embracing the future." 

Tweedsmuir alumni and former teachers/principals are invited, along with the community at large to see what's happened there so far. Class photos are also welcome to be put up for display.  

When this was posted to the A Bit of the Bay Facebook Group, most of the comments were by former students sharing about their time. But it did lead to some discussion about the time capsule.

David HorneJeff Fournier; you began this thread with a question about a time capsule; I attended Tweedsmuir from 1961-62 to 1968-69; no mention of this that i can recall; has anyone else provided details? 

  • Jeff Fournier David Horne no details, just told by the new owner of the building that he had heard a time capsule had been buried at the school at some point1Hide or report this
  • Sandra Sandziuk Unfortunately many of the teachers from years ago have passed away, some of them might have remembered if there actually was a time capsule buried. My former grade seven, 1957, teacher, Ron Edwards is still living I believe, he might remember.
  • Dana Turgeon Boulanger Jeff Fournier yes a time capsule was buried and I recall adding something to it but can’t remember what. I think it was buried beside a tree that was planted as a marker in the front of the school Lakeshore side. 
  • Dana Turgeon Boulanger For some reason I believe it would have been the year the old section was torn down and the building was reconstructed as we see it now. Out with the old in with the new per say.. 
  • Dana Turgeon Boulanger Near the staff room window at the time
  • Jeff Fournier Dana Turgeon Boulanger thank you

If you have a comment about your days at Tweedsmuir, the time capsule or want to share a photo from your collection, email: [email protected]


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