August 10, 2019

Sign of the times

The drive through between Oak and Main streets in North Bay hosts a lot of history. Dave Dale photo

There's a lot of history in this sign and the old drive-through connecting Oak and Main Streets with a series of taxi, delivery and other businesses setting up shop.

One of the first posts under the photo on the Facebook Group for A Bit of the Bay was the Tim Horton's commercial shot here, with 'Shorty' a top-notch curlng ice maker. See it HERE.

Other comments included:

  • Don Furber Worked there many years ago.1Hide or report this

  • Jim SouleWorked there in the 70,s for Bill Burgess.Great guy.1Hide or report this

  • Catherine BarrowVery cool! An updated picture to boot!!1Hide or report this

  • Denise Turcotte Needs a little TLC but a great shot. Go back in the fall and see if those leaves change colour.

Not much mention was made of the taxi bylaw being created for public comment sometime next month, the one regarding share ridng such as URide, which already operates here.


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