June 8, 2020

Summer Edition to sail in time for Canada Day

Potential front cover photos are receiving good feedback as the A Bit of the Bay Magazine inches toward the release of its Summer Edition on June 26.

Which photo of the original Chief Commanda and/or Chief Commanda II would look best on the cover of our Summer Edition?

The iconic tour boat for Lake Nipissing won't be running this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and uncertainty about when and how large groups can gather again. This is the first timie in more than five decades nearby residents and visitors won't be able to cruise into Callander Bay, sail past the Manitous and enjoy the French River.

High time for a feature on the heritage and history of the two ships.

But which photo will make a good cover? Imagine our flag and the information bar at the bottom while leaving room for a heading of some kind. See the past covers for reference.

Which do you prefer and why? Or do you have a better photo of the Chief Commanda 1 you would like us to consider for the front or inside the magazine? 

Email your thoughts and photos to [email protected]

NOTE: The Summer Edition is scheduled for release June 26 with the advertising deadline set for June 19. We've switched to an quarterly schedule for the rest of 2020 as an adaption to the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic challenges. We'll be publishing a Fall Edition in September and Winter Edition on Dec. 1. The plan for 2021 will be clearer then. Business indicators will decide if we return to monthly or set a bi-monthly or quarterly schedule.

That's why we're promoting a three-edition subscription for $25 (taxes included) and looking at ways to offer an online product option. Stay tune for good things to come out of it all.

PS: Copies of the April/June edition can still be purchased at the Pinehill Coffee Shop, Algonquin Pharmacy and Home Hardware at the Nipissing Plaza. Other retail outlets will be added during the reopening stages while supplies last. There's only about 100 or so copies left because the first 4,000 were delivered to North Bay households directly by Canada Post in April.


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