August 31, 2019

First edition hot off the press

The first cover for A Bit of the Bay Magazine, September 2019, Vol. 1, Issue 1

There's a lot of North Bay packed into the first edition of A Bit of the Bay Magazine.

Check out our video ad, it's only 50 seconds.

We won't be publishing all the stories on this website, however, just a few of the pieces that are timely. The main features are for magazine readers only. It is worth buying, sharing and filing away for years down the road ... and yes, we are giving them away as fast as possible to honour the advertisers and people in stories needing immediate exposure.

The circulation strategy is somewhate "organic" as we prioritize deliver to subscribers, businesses, high-volume readshop gatherins ... handing them out wherever we go. And no doubt the list of places where they are available will grow by the day.

There's only one way, though, to guarantee you get your copy ... subscribe for delivery of five copies in North Bay or have a single copy mailed anywhere in Canada. Email: [email protected] 


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