August 17, 2019

Bridges are good things

The future of the Lamorie Street bridge is a bit blurry as the city studies its condition and a possible $10-million project added to other capital needs.

When city council eventually contemplates a possible $10-million hit if it wants to keep the Lamorie Street bridge, the elected officials and staff might want to consider the type of traffic it carries rather than the volume.

The subject came up this week with $90,000 approved to study the situation. Several councillors urged consideration of the actual need for the span, with future debate about traffic use numbers and the needs of local properties.

The first major entrance to the city coming off Highway 11 at Lakeshore Drive, it's the first right heading toward the West Ferris Legion, a major scrap yard, multiple quarry and aggragate properties and several big rig transporation companies. It also serves as a route for several industrial companies along Birchs Road.

All that traffic,mosty trucksm, would have to use Booth Road and Lakeshore Drive, right at the misalligned intersection with the entrance of the Steve Omischl Sports Fields Complex. Important to note, council has chosen the complex for a $30-million Community Centre, complete.with a twin-pad arena with change rooms to compliment the existing three fields and three diamonds.

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