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April 8, 2020

How to protect yourself and others against COVID-19

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<p>Richard Procunier RPh, PharmD
<p>Owner/Pharmacist Northern Shores Pharmacy

Richard Procunier RPh, PharmD

Owner/Pharmacist Northern Shores Pharmacy

These are trying times. We are all in this together. Acting together is how we can lessen the impact of this virus on our most vulnerable population and keep our health care system from being overwhelmed. Here are ways you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets when an infected individual coughs or sneezes. These droplets can survive anywhere between 4 to 9 days on objects (if they are not sanitized away). Therefore, the way people typically get the virus is by touching an item or surface that has the virus on it then touching their mouth, nose or eyes. Similarly, prolonged close contact such as touching or shaking hands increases your chance of getting the virus.

This explains the idea behind social distancing as well. If we can limit people’s interactions in the immediate future we can delay the spread of the virus. Delaying the spread of the buys our emergency departments, hospitals and ICUs time to treat those that become sick. By staying home, not going out, talking over the phone/on Skype and not in person we can help prevent what is happening in other countries like Italy where the death rate from this virus is staggering. In those countries Doctors are having to make impossible choices between who lives and dies because there are not enough ventilators to help people. Similarly, delaying the spread of this virus buys our scientists time to research and trial vaccines as well as other therapies treat COVID-19.

My staff and I are front line health care workers. Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants, cashiers and delivery drivers are all putting ourselves in harms way. We are deemed essential and cannot go home. So please help us stay safe by staying home (we have Free City Wide Delivery! Email or call your order in ahead of time. We will make sure you get your medication in a timely fashion). Please respect public health recommendations for social distancing, social isolation and isolation. Limit your contact with others and if you must go out stay 2 meters apart from others. Wash your hands! We can still delay the impact of this virus and keep as many people alive as possible. Please help us fight this virus. We are all in this together.

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Written by Richard Procunier RPh, PharmD

Owner/Pharmacist Northern Shores Pharmacy

PHN: 705 474 9999

Email: [email protected]

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