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March 2, 2020

Pick your own subscription terms

The first seven editions of A Bit of the Bay Magazine ... thanks to advertisers, subscribers and retail store customers.

Our best deal for subcribing to A Bit of the Bay Magazine is $99 (HST included) for 12 issues mailed in Canada or delivered in the North Bay area. After tax and delivery, that's only $3 per copy.

In North Bay, there are about a dozen retail outlets selling the magazine for $4.42 plus HST ($5 total per copy).

It's not a bad price considering the production quality and delivery costs. The stamp alone per copy is $3.12 plus tax, then add on protective envelope, labels and processing, making it $4 per magazine. It's the same cost for hand-delivery in town if fuel, time and vehicle wear and tear are considered.  

Off the top of the $99 for 12 issues is HST, a $13 contribution to the Canadian treasury and with mailing/delivery costs at $48 a dozen, leaving us $38 revenue per dozen (a $3 per copy price).

Prefer a shorter term, there's also a six-issue choice at $60 (HST included). And you can pick your own subscription term with $10 per copy (HST included). Want it delivered for the next three issues? That would be a total of $30. Four months is $40, etc.

For mailing to the United States, please add CAD$2 per issue. (A 12-issue subscription is $119 (HST included), a six-issue deal is $65 (HST included).

We take cheques, cash and e-transfers to [email protected]

Our mailing address is:

A Bit of the Bay Magazine

176 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 3

North Bay, ON

P1A 2A8

Call or text: 705.498.2050 or email: [email protected]


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